Pop My Mind’s Invention Award

4b529aff2549550679be20fc04b76ee2.jpgPop My Mind is a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines. Their community are challenged to produce new work in response to each other’s creations, making the hub a springboard for fresh ideas and dynamic creativity.

The invention award seeks to highlight some of the most innovative and intriguing creations from the platform. I have the honour of recieving 2 Invention Awards, the first was for a piece entitled Waves Sonification, one of my very early translations of still art into audio. The second was for an interpretation of Mark J. King’s still artwork entitled Data Steams, (Data Sonification), which also featured a reverse-engineering of the sonification process.


Many of my non-musical projects have received various awards, which is massively exciting. You can check those out on the individual sites: The Conversation Hat Podcast; SPLetsPlay; Stabbed Panda Music Blog.