Reverb vs Delay?

Delay & Reverb are two very common guitar FX, but they do essentially the same thing. When should you use one rather than the other?

Live Automation in Cubase for Guitars

Live Automation allows you to switch or fade-in FX and amp settings in your performance or one-take live recording. Works with other instruments as well as guitars.

I’m recording guitars into Cubase, modelling amps and FX with the POD Farm by Line 6. Drums and Bass are programmed with Kontakt instruments. This guitar is a CR-Custom by Cort.


Cubase ROCK

A one-off Cubase stream, a bit shorter than the others, in which I create the outline of a rock song with live guitars and programmed bass and drums. Not uploading this one to I’m afraid as I want to keep this track for myself! Basically I had this idea at work and figured I may as well record me creating it on the off-chance someone learns something, and also because it helps me make faster decisions!