Question & Answer Guitar Soloing

Starting improvise or write guitar solos is really tricky and super awkward, but there’s not a lot of actionable advice about how to get started effectively. This video explains Question & Answer soloing which takes ques from how we form conversations in real life.

Here’s the example tab – the above part is the Question, ending on a 5th while the lower part is the Answer as it lands on the Tonic.

Both Bits.jpg

Here’s the list of ideas from the end of the video – a few things to try out and experiment with:

  • What happens if you try to answer the Question with a note other than the Root?
  • Do the questions and the Answers need to be the same length?
  • Can you ask several Questions with only one Answer?
  • What Questions can you ask from outside of the scale?
  • Do the notes leading up to the Question, (or up to the Answer), actually matter?
  • Can you ask or Answer a Question with just one note?

Note Durations

Music theory lesson covering everything you need to know about note duration or note length. Specifically aimed at beginner guitarists and bedroom producers who have little to no understanding of rhythm or note values. Try to ignore the layer of sweat on my face. This has been the warmest day of my entire life. Like, actually.