Note Durations

Music theory lesson covering everything you need to know about note duration or note length. Specifically aimed at beginner guitarists and bedroom producers who have little to no understanding of rhythm or note values. Try to ignore the layer of sweat on my face. This has been the warmest day of my entire life. Like, actually.



Does Your Child Want To Play Guitar?

This video is designed to assist the parents & carers of would-be guitarists. I’ve talked about buying your first guitar already, so this video lists the first things a new student should learn, and the ideal order in which to do so.


Your Guide to Guitar Picks

Have you ever walked into a guitar shop with the simple goal of buying a few plectrums, but there’s flipping millions and you just don’t know what you need? This is the video for you! I’ll talk about materials, shapes, thickness and everything else you’ll need to know.