Glissando for Guitar

Playing a decent Glissando on your guitar may not be as simple as a slide. Watch to learn why! Also, yes, learning new words is a good thing.

Easy Chord Changes

Changing chords is pretty hard, and is one of the things that puts people off of playing guitar past their first few lessons. It’s true that you’ve got to put the time in, but there is something we can do to make things easier.

Dynamics for Guitar

Being able to vary the dynamics in your guitar playing is an essential skill if you want to stand out. It’s also integral to successful songwriting. Today’s video is looking at the various ways you can vary the dynamics in your guitar playing, aside from just playing hard or soft.

This guitar is the M600t by Cort.


Blues-Rock Lick

Another blues-rock lick for your guitar repertoire.

Below is the tab for this lick, divided into sections. You’ll notice that Fig 1 is repeated in bar 3. I’m playing this at 100bpm, so I’d recommend playing slower than this at first, (it’s fine to play at any speed to begin with, no matter how slow, then work your way up to 100bpm, maybe even up to 130bpm.)


Here’s a backing track for this exercise, but a bit faster than I’m playing it in the vid.