LTGuitarist Podcast

Oh my, I’ve finally gone and done it.

Today is the first day in several years where I’ve not deliberately uploaded a video to YouTube. In the name of diversification, I’ve created the LTGuitarist Podcast and the first episode is online now. I’m going to start by uploading slightly longer versions of the big interviews already on the YouTube channel, (so if you’ve seen them it’ll still be worth listening), the first of which is Dan Le Sac.

Listen on…

One Weekend E.P.

One Weekend E.P. is the story of 2 musicians creating a 5-track release over a long weekend. This 30 minute documentary short includes discussions on creativity, collaboration and workflow from Liam Taylor, (Blue Alatar) and Si Pettit, (MangoFlush, Subterranean Popular).

All music used is from the E.P., which is available on most digital platforms. Here’s the Spotify link.

There’s also an outtakes compilation here:

Interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

I was lucky enough to be invited onto BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to chat about YouTube, the local music scene, smart band management and everything between.

Listen to the show with Richard “Spanners” Ready with this link, (if it’s still available) – I appear 22 minute in, then again at 36 minutes. OR! Check out the video linked below.

Update: This was the first of many appearances on Richard’s show, the rest are listed here chronologically:

Interview with Pop My Mind, 2016

Interview with Oliver Squirrel of Pop My Mind, having won an Invention Award on the platform.

“Pop My Mind caught up with musician, composer and sound engineer Liam Talyor in order to delve deeper into his award-winning upload to entitled “Waves Sonification”. What to know what sonifications are? This is the place to start!

Check out Liam’s winning piece at¬†

Pop My Mind is a fantastic collaborative arts platform, which I have the great honour of contributing to and being inspired by for several years now.


Brutally Honest: New Series

S’up. This is a new series I’ve been working on for Stabbed Panda, entitled Brutally Honest. The jist of which is that I’m mean about contemporary music. Part review, part parody, and part satire – suffice to say, if you’re a fan of these artists, it’s perhaps best not to watch. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.


Stereo Stickman Podcast

SSMan logo.jpg

This month I was interviewed by Rebecca Cullen for music podcast Stereo Stickman. Stereo Stickman is an online music magazine offering the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience.

You can listen to this episode of Stereo Stickman on iTunes, Spreaker, or with this direct link.