Creating Music With Found Sounds for Inflated Inspirations

Inflated Inspirations is a collaboration between Pop My Mind and VIP Balloons, which is an installation of Balloon Art, telling the story of Pop My Mind. The installation was hosted by the Waterfront Gallery, part of the University of Suffolk, in Ipswich during the Summer of 2017.

I was invited to the event’s build days to record audio, and create a musical piece out of the resulting samples.The resulting piece if the video below.





If you’re the kind of person who’d like to know about how this music was made, (i.e., a cool person), then you can watch the video below.


In this behind-the-scenes / how-to video I talk about manipulating found sounds to create music and specifically how I achieved this for Inflated Inspirations.
Other topics include:

  • Creation of instruments using samples and Kontakt;
  • Granular synthesis with Padshop Pro;
  • Sampling with Battery;
  • Automation of instruments and FX in Cubase;
  • Colouring sections in Cubase to aid workflow.


Here are a few links:



Cubase ROCK

A one-off Cubase stream, a bit shorter than the others, in which I create the outline of a rock song with live guitars and programmed bass and drums. Not uploading this one to I’m afraid as I want to keep this track for myself! Basically I had this idea at work and figured I may as well record me creating it on the off-chance someone learns something, and also because it helps me make faster decisions!