Beats with Crisps

Did you know you can bow a crisp? Nope, me neither. I found a project file from a few years ago where I was making music with Kettle Chips. Obviously that’s something I need to finish!

Below is the finished product from this livestream.

This project was broadcast live to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook & Twitter/Periscope via on 02.03.2020

Cubase Stream #5

Another hour-long production tutorial thing. Watch me make electronic music from scratch!

Access the project files along with audio and MIDI stems from

I’ve still not upgraded from Cubase 8, but I’m sure you’ll cope.
Also struggling with some sync and audio issues, but hopefully that’s not noticeable.

Cubase ROCK

A one-off Cubase stream, a bit shorter than the others, in which I create the outline of a rock song with live guitars and programmed bass and drums. Not uploading this one to I’m afraid as I want to keep this track for myself! Basically I had this idea at work and figured I may as well record me creating it on the off-chance someone learns something, and also because it helps me make faster decisions!

Cubase Stream #1

This is my first 1hr Cubase tutorial / mastercalss video / thing. This track is a fairly simple, kinda glitchy electronic thing. It’s not bad for an hour’s work, but it doesn’t particularly feel like it goes anywhere.

I had a massive cold when recording this, so you’ll excuse me shoving tisuse into my face throughout.
Also, while I’m making excuses, I’m still getting to grips with the setup I have, so rest assured the audio will improve over time, particulalry in regard to me talking into the flippin’ microphone.

I’ve made the stems and project files available in the link below. Some artists could have a lot of fun with this.

Download Stems from