Income Diversity for Musicians

A new episode of the LTGuitarist Podcast, talking about ways we can maintain a reasonable income stream regardless of outside situations, global or local. Y’know, like the Coronavirus…

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This episode was recorded during a livestream, which you can watch below. It’s like the podcas, but a bit more ramblie.

LTGuitarist Podcast

Oh my, I’ve finally gone and done it.

Today is the first day in several years where I’ve not deliberately uploaded a video to YouTube. In the name of diversification, I’ve created the LTGuitarist Podcast and the first episode is online now. I’m going to start by uploading slightly longer versions of the big interviews already on the YouTube channel, (so if you’ve seen them it’ll still be worth listening), the first of which is Dan Le Sac.

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Networking For Musicians

Networking can be hard when you perform a million roles, especially when people keep hiring you to not play your instrument. Today I’m sharing a couple tips on dealing with networking situations.

Music Theory Is Dumb

Some people feel overwhelmed by music theory while others are eager to learn as much as they can. But, why? What good is music theory if it’s not applied directly to music creation or music performance?

Alternate title: People Are Dumb.

This video features snippets of my interview with 12Tone Videos – here is the full-length, 30-minutes interview.¬†Also, here’s a link to 12Tone’s channel.