Presets & Templates for Speed Composing

You can take hours off your composition timeline with presets and templates without compromising on originality – here’s how. Features a BONUS TIP regarding mastering.

Intro To Speed Composition

Talking about why composers may want to prioritise speed over quality and offering some ideas for musicians wanting to try out speed composing.

This is the first of several videos on faster music composition – future videos will look at specific techniques and ideas in detail.

Networking For Musicians

Networking can be hard when you perform a million roles, especially when people keep hiring you to not play your instrument. Today I’m sharing a couple tips on dealing with networking situations.

Music Theory Is Dumb

Some people feel overwhelmed by music theory while others are eager to learn as much as they can. But, why? What good is music theory if it’s not applied directly to music creation or music performance?

Alternate title: People Are Dumb.

This video features snippets of my interview with 12Tone Videos – here is the full-length, 30-minutes interview.¬†Also, here’s a link to 12Tone’s channel.