Stagecraft for Introverts

Love the idea of being on stage, but terrified about actually performing? This is the video for you.



I Made A Music Video

Flippin’ heck, I made a music video! Hello Malcolm is a parody of indie music videos and contains as many cliches as we could find. The above video is all about the process and how the project came about.

Here is the completed music video, for your viewing pleasure. If you want to check out the full credits and extra info you can do so on

My Music Education Background

Today I’m talking about my music education background, the courses I’ve taken, schools I’ve attended and so forth. Hopefully you’ll get some useful ideas if you’re looking to pursue music education yourself.

If you want to take a look, the college I attended and highly recommend was called Access To Music, (now it’s Access Creative). I attended the Norwich campus, but there’s a few all over the UK.