I Have Changed My Mind

I’ve been thinking recently about things I believed very firmly when I started teaching and the fact that I’ve very gradually changed my mind.

Enjoy my frantic back-tracking.

Live Sampling & Radio Walkman

I recently got hold of a cassette walkman with AM/FM radio, for use in my live synth rig. I can live sample long, evolving pads or ambient effects from cassette tape to give a retro, vapourwave-esque feel to performances. I also discover that I can sample live radio shows for an interesting, but much less controllable, effect.

Live Performance Vid

Gear used:

  • Novation Circuit
  • Roland MX-1 and TB-3
  • Korg KAOSS KP-3
  • Digitnow Cassette Player

Link to Hainbach’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Hainbach101
Link to Tantacrul’s video on Aleatoric Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xabYn…

Novation Circuit & Guitar Improv

So, been an interesting week. I spent most of it working out how I felt about the alterations to the YouTube Partner Program. Not that I’m raking it in with Adsense or anything, but I was able to subsidise spending on camera gear. Also, YouTube are famously shady about their reasoning when making decisions and famously bad at talking to their users.

Anyway, I wasn’t really in the mood for making my usual content this week even though I’ve scripted and prepared something cool. Instead I made something more creative with my new toy, the Novation Circuit. The mix is a bit off, but it’s still fun. Hopefully making more of these this year, so I hope you enjoy.