Current projects I’m involved in.

Blue Alatar

Instrumental, studio-based cinematic rock band from Cambridge, UK, led by guitarist-composer, Liam Taylor, and featuring collaborations from Si Pettit, (Subterrenean Popular), and a variety of experimental sounds and textures.

The band’s first album, Irradiated Hamster Alert, was released in September 2018. Singles and E.P.s will continue to be drip-released via BandCamp.

More info on

Odd Creative

A group of multi-discipline creators from East Anglia, available for hire. We create short promo films, bespoke music, and assets for digital marketing campaigns for small and niche businesses. In addition to these services, Odd Creative is the over-arching brand under which The Conversation Hat Podcast, SPLetsPlay, Stabbed Panda Music & LTGuitarist operate.

Liam is Odd Creative’s head honcho and lead composer. Odd Creative’s music credits include:

Learn more at

The Conversation Hat Podcast

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A comedy chat-show were a hat dictates what is discussed. Anything is up for discussion from the arts, to geek culture and films, to current affairs. Featuring guests from the local creative industries. Recent topics of converstion include the obsolesence of shoes, whether you’d rather be happy or smart, and the best animals to use as servants.
Liam co-hosts the show and also creates most if it’s music.

Visit for more.

Waveform Animations & Sonification

7 v2.jpg

Liam currently creates audi0-visual crossover works, many of which are uploaded to the Pop My Mind creative platform. Sonification is the process of turning visual material into a audio, or vice-versa, which Liam is using to create playable instuments out of art works, or cross-media renditions of visual works.
He also creates animated music videos for his own projects and for Stabbed Panda collaborator, MangoFlush.


Another outlet for Liam’s interest in electronic music. He particularly enjoys remixing modern soundtracks, and styles which you wouldn’t usually expect to be remixed… Death Metal, for example…

In 2018 Liam’s remix of Professor Elemental‘s Came A Long Way was featured on his E.P.,  Nervous.

You can find a playlist of Liam’s remixes over here.

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