Music Gear I NEED In My Life

A list of the music tech gear that’s been on my “need” list for a long time. What’s on your shopping list?


Remixes as Album Promotion

How can you use remixes to promote an album or release?

Talking about some of my remixes; why I think they’re fun; how you can use them to promote an album or E.P.; how to commission a remix; how to find a producer to work with – all this and more!

This is the interview with Yvette from B-Side, as mentioned:

You can check out Theo Sayers’ remix of my recent single here, and Professor Elemental’s album on which I feature right here.

Note Durations

Music theory lesson covering everything you need to know about note duration or note length. Specifically aimed at beginner guitarists and bedroom producers who have little to no understanding of rhythm or note values. Try to ignore the layer of sweat on my face. This has been the warmest day of my entire life. Like, actually.