Show-reels of compositions for various multi-media. Some of my credits can also be found on IMDb.

Music From Everyday Items

Selotape, balloons, pretty much anything that makes a noise, (and some things which wouldn’t normally).

Cinematic & Underscore Playlist

Scores created to demonstrate what I can do for projects requiring a contemporary cinematic feel.

Jingle & Intro Playlist

Jingles and short pieces of music created for YouTube shows, podcasts, that sort of thing. Most of the animations are mine as well.

Griffin Hammond’s Sriracha Documentary

At ~6:00 Griffin mentions that there are various pieces of music about the Viet-Thai hot sauce, Sriracha. Around then, a piece composed by myself, (with additional lyrics and vocals from Si “MangoFlush” Pettit), is used.

Guitar Playing Show-Reel

Examples of my guitar playing. Including some covers, a few originals, and a couple different bands.




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