One Weekend E.P.

One Weekend E.P. is the story of 2 musicians creating a 5-track release over a long weekend. This 30 minute documentary short includes discussions on creativity, collaboration and workflow from Liam Taylor, (Blue Alatar) and Si Pettit, (MangoFlush, Subterranean Popular).

All music used is from the E.P., which is available on most digital platforms. Here’s the Spotify link.

There’s also an outtakes compilation here:

How To Edit Music Videos

A simple guide to editing music videos for YouTube. I’m using Vegas Movie Studio, but the theory here can be applied to any editing software.

The original music video:

I Made A Music Video

Flippin’ heck, I made a music video! Hello Malcolm is a parody of indie music videos and contains as many cliches as we could find. The above video is all about the process and how the project came about.

Here is the completed music video, for your viewing pleasure. If you want to check out the full credits and extra info you can do so on